Standard Combat Training

Standard Combat Training (BCT) is a training course that changes civilians into Soldiers. Throughout 10 weeks these employees learn more about the Seven Core Army Values, the best ways to interact as a group and what it requires to be successful as a Soldier in the United States Army. Standard Combat Training is divided into 3 stages: Phase I (Red Phase), Phase II (White Phase), and Phase III (Blue Phase). Before you're permitted to start Phase I, nevertheless, you need to hang around in holdover, formally referred to as The Reception Battalion.


THE RECEPTION BATTALION. When you show up to standard training, you will not right away start training without very first in-processing through the Reception Battalion. The Reception Battalion is where all employees start their preliminary documentation, health examination, immunizations, hairstyle, uniform, financial resources and an orientation. Soldiers will not perform any exercises or physical test throughout this time because of the brand-new change to the altering environment. You have Soldiers encountering the nation that resided in seasonal weather conditions from their home town.


RED PHASE. Your very first stage of BCT is Red Phase! Throughout Red Phase you will meet your Drill Sergeants and start training. Red Phase is frequently considered among the most challenging stages of BCT due to the changes you will need to make. Defined by an environment of overall control where an active, involved management starts changing civilians into Soldiers. Training throughout this stage is concentrated on instilling Army values, customs, culture, military courtesies and principles, along with starting the advancement of individual standard battle abilities and physical fitness training. Before you total Red Phase, you will be needed to take the APFT test. WHITE PHASE. This stage is fixated the advancement of standard fight abilities, with unique focus on weapon efficiency. Ability advancement, self-control, and group building identify Phase II in addition to a reducing of control commensurate with shown performance and obligation. BCT Soldiers get extra direction on Army Values, Ethics, history, and customs. Before you total White Phase, you will need to take the APFT test.


BLUE PHASE. This stage culminates with the application of all abilities discovered in Basic Training (and fundamental abilities part of OSUT). Emphasizes from this stage consist of city operations, convoy live fire, and a 72-hour field training exercise. Before you total Blue Phase, you will be needed to pass the last APFT test. FAMILY DAY. The day before you finish from BCT is your Family Day. Family Day is normally started with an event informing your family a little about your BCT experience and ended by presenting your family to their brand-new US Army Soldier! GRADUATION. Your BCT Graduation Day will be a day you will always remember. You will be entitled a United States Army Soldier while you stand with your fight friends in gown uniform.





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